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If you are the victim of one of the many terrible drivers in South Florida, reach out to Salomon Smith today for a free consultation. We represent victims of automobile accidents and want to get you paid for your injuries and we have the tools to force insurance companies to do the right thing. If an insurance company refuses to make it right, we will aggressively fight for you in court to get the compensation you deserve.

Compensation for an accident goes far beyond just medical bills. In addition to potentially significant hospital and physical rehabilitation expenses, an insurance company could be liable for:

pain and suffering – the physical and emotional toll of sudden injury can be significant. Extreme pain, depression, and stress caused to the accident victim and those in the accident victim’s life can impact one’s well-being in a negative way. Courts can quantify pain and suffering in dollars and make insurance companies liable to pay compensation.

loss of income – injuries sustained in an accident can leave one out of work temporarily or permanently. Even upon return to work, certain jobs may be “off-limits” by doctor's orders, or simply too hard to do without pain. Insurance companies may be liable for months or years of lost income due to the accident.

loss of services – if you or a loved one performed child care and other duties prior to the accident, but are now not able to do so due to the accident, then there is a likelihood that compensation is due for the cost of outsourcing these “services” to professionals.

Insurance companies know the extent of their liability but often offer to pay much less in out-of-court settlements. At Salomon Smith, we know the delay, deny and underpay tactics of the insurance industry and will fight in your corner – taking your case to court if necessary to win you the compensation you deserve.

Whether you were the passenger or the driver of a vehicle, as long as you suffered injuries due to the negligence of someone else, contact
the firm now!


We operate on a no-win, no-fee basis so you pay nothing unless we secure compensation on your behalf.

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