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In a dispute with your South Florida homeowner association (HOA), condominium association, boards of directors, or your building management company? HOA and Condo Association Disputes are often one-sided affairs where a resident or member’s best chance of success comes from hiring a competent lawyer with community association experience. Salomon Smith fights zealously on behalf of that suffering unfairness, overcharging, or dangerous conditions in the place where they live or plan to live. 

Florida Statute 718 protects the legal rights of residents/members and applicants of Florida HOA and condo associations.  Specific provisions include the potential recovery of attorney’s fees in the case of a decision against an HOA or condominium association.   These issues can range from poor maintenance, neglected repairs to drywall, board corruption with respect to condominium vendors, illegal application fees, housing discrimination, and failure to remediate dangerous conditions. If you suspect that an HOA, condominium association, building management company, or its vendors are acting unlawfully, protect yourself:


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