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With Irma Hurricane Damage Claims Soon to Be Time-Barred, Florida Homeowners are Bracing for a Hyper

This summer has been especially lousy for South Floridians, but with a looming storm season that could break records, a challenging situation may get even worse. The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season is now forecasted to comprise of 24 named storms – the second most on record (to 2005’s 28 named storms) – this according to Colorado State University. Critically, this unusually active storm season comes as the time-limit to file hurricane damage claims for Hurricane Irma claims is set to expire on September 9, 2020. A common theme at the hearts of both of these issues is the critical importance of every homeowner to know their home, stay vigilant, and understand their legal rights.

Starting with Hurricane Irma, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation accounts for an eye-popping 909,321 residential property insurance claims as of January, 2020. Of these nearly million residential homeowner’s insurance policy claims made for Hurricane Irma damage, only 284,609, or about 31% closed and were presumably denied without any payment. These numbers should encourage homeowners to exercise their legal rights to make hurricane damage claims if they recognize roof leaks, water damage, burst pipes, cracked walls and floors, mold, or other property damage that may be covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy.

Of course, insurers routinely attempt to lowball estimates and minimize their payouts, but that is precisely why a Florida homeowner should consult with an experienced property damage lawyer, like Daniel Smith from the Salomon Smith law firm, who is familiar with insurance defense tactics. Depending on when you are reading this article, it may not be too late to raise a Hurricane Irma claim. Indeed, it is never advisable for a homeowner to be going into storm season with a leaky roof or a home that has already been exposed to water damage, which becomes a breeding ground for mold. If you suspect that damage to your home has lingered from Hurricane Irma damage but you have been too timid to conduct an inspection or file a claim, reach out to Daniel Smith today at 305-297-1018 or

With respect to the 2020 hurricane season, South Floridians have already dodged a bullet with Tropical Storm Isaias, but will our good luck continue? Only time will tell as to the general population, but a prudent and prepared homeowner can make their own luck, at least to some extent. In particular, each and every homeowner should understand the coverage afforded by their property damage insurance policy. The attorneys at Salomon Smith are well-versed in insurance policy interpretation and offer free policy reviews to any homeowner curious about the rights to which they are legally entitled.

Owners of houses and apartments should try to act fast if they suspect that their home has suffered water damage. Water leaks or even burst pipes do not have to be caused by dramatic events like hurricanes. They may start with a small leak that may go unnoticed for weeks, months, or even years, silently accumulating moisture and mold. Some signs for homeowners are: (1) listen for banging, whistling, or clanking noise when turning on water; (2) keep a nose out for strange orders as this can be the sign of a burst pipe; (3) keep an eye out for discoloration, bulging, or other signs of water damage on your ceiling or walls; (4) low water pressure elsewhere in the home; and (5) higher water bills.

As the Salomon Smith law firm, we will help you coordinate an inspection of your home to assess and remediate potential property damage, and if we take your case, the firm will provide legal services at no cost to you. We only get paid if you win. Property damage can occur slowly, over the course of months, or may be the result of a particular event, like a hurricane. Understanding both the terms of your policy and extent of your property damage will enable any homeowner to make an informed decision on whether to file a claim with their insurer. Property damage lawyer Daniel Smith is honored to help homeowners navigate these tricky issues and maximize their financial recovery on a contingency basis, with no fees unless there is a recovery from the insurance company. We promise your case will always be personally handled by an attorney – we don’t delegate the important stuff, like client interaction, to support staff.

Salomon Smith PLLC is currently working on all types of insurance claims and lawsuits relating to property damage for our clients. We want to hear from you and get you paid for covered damage to your property. After all, you paid good money for your premiums and deserve compensation for a legitimate claim. Remember, time is of the essence! It is also in your best interest to seek experienced legal counsel prior to making a claim yourself – your insurance company is not your friend! Contact attorney Daniel Smith directly at 305-297-1018 or to discuss your options and answer your questions.

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