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Salomon Smith protects the rights and represents the interests of parties in commercial and residential real estate matters. Whether real estate joint venturers are entangled in a dispute involving managerial control, misrepresentations, failure to disclose records, or other bad acts, the firm prides itself on being more attentive to our clients’ needs than costly “big law” competitors.  The firm also provides counsel regarding a variety of other legal issues that may arise in owning, operating, managing, and disposing of real estate.

Joint Venture Disputes 
The firm aims to resolve disputes among real-estate joint venturers as early and cost-effectively as possible.  This is often achieved by carefully drafted documentation and early enforcement of a violation of the law or the applicable joint venture agreement.  If a dispute escalates to litigation, the firm utilizes aggressive but strategic tactics to advance its clients' position.

Injunctions and Specific Performance

When parties to a real estate transaction unscrupulously, it is prudent to act quickly and aggressively to preserve your legal rights. For example, failure to seek specific performance for failure to close on a real estate transaction or to enjoin a boundary encroachment promptly may be treated as forfeiting rights to your property. At Salomon Smith, we have successfully resolved numerous real estate disputes.

HOA Law and Condo Association Disputes 
Are you in dispute with your South Florida Homeowners Association (HOA), condominium association, individual members of their boards of directors, or their management company? Salomon Smith fights zealously on behalf of property owners who have been wronged by corruption, self-dealing, unfairness, unsafe conditions, and/or overcharging.

Left unchallenged, unpaid, and underpaid claims leave you, your business, or your family out of pocket in a time of need.

When insurance companies deny or underpay a claim, exercise your right to full-payment by hiring Salomon Smith to fight for the money you deserve.

Contact us today to discuss your real estate issue. Other practice areas concerning real estate litigation include:

  • Commercial Real Estate Contracts

  • Commercial Real Estate Disputes

  • Entity Formation for Real Estate Investment

  • HOA and Condo Association Law

  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes

  • Property Insurance Claims Adjustment

  • Real Estate Partnership Disputes

  • Rental and Short-term Lease Agreements

  • Security Deposit Disputes

  • Residential Real Estate Contracts

  • Residential Real Estate Disputes


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If you have a case, we will aggressively seek a settlement or court judgment in your favor.

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